Home of the Resistance: Sam Bee’s Show Account Touts Support for Democrats in Georgia House Race

On Monday and Tuesday, the Twitter account for NewsBusters-stalking, far-left host Samantha Bee’s TBS show did its part for The Resistance by openly advocating for a Democratic Party victory in the Georgia sixth congressional district special election. 

Late Monday afternoon, the Full Frontal account tweeted: “Georgia! Don’t forget tomorrow’s special election. It’s either take one and vote or go to a town hall every week and scream until 2018.”

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Bee’s credibility in search of cohesion with the likes Glenn Beck and outright lie that she’s an “independent” were further torpedoed as the show account tweeted this on Tuesday morning: 

Bee’s childish and vile behavior is well documented here on NewsBusters (and particularly by yours truly). Whether it’s saying Ted Cruz is a “fish-faced, horseshit salesman,” Cruz’s father is a chest-burster from Alien, or praying for the National Rifle Association (NRA) to be stricken with boils, Bee’s so-called independence or dedication to civility is real fake news.

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