Deadspin to Ted Cruz in Spat Over Playing Basketball: ‘Go Eat S***’

January 24th, 2017 8:53 PM

Univision-owned and far-left sports site Deadspin took a dive into the gutter on Tuesday night, telling Republican Senator Ted Cruz (Tex.) to “go eat shit” on Twitter following a post about Cruz playing pick-up basketball games with Senate colleagues.

The classless spat began when writer Ashley Feinberg wrote a post entitled “Send Us Proof Of Ted Cruz Playing Basketball” that merged sports with Deadspin’s liberal tilt: 

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Here at, there’s nothing we love more than sport. So we were delighted to learn that perpetual failed candidate for president Ted Cruz started a weekly Senate basketball game in hopes of making his colleagues hate him less. Which is great for Ted Cruz, but doesn’t do much for us. We want to right this wrong and share Ted’s love of baskethoop with the world. We want Ted Cruz basketball pics.

Feinberg cited a Politico story about Cruz’s new hobby and so she asked readers who work on the Hill to “snap a few photographs—or better yet, a video—of Ted Cruz in his raw, unbridled, soup-fueled athletic form.”

When the story was tweeted from Deadspin’s account, Cruz’s personal account shot back with a photo of controversial Duke University guard Grayson Allen (who, at best, only has a slight resemblance to Cruz) and the caption: “[W]hat to do I win?”

Deadspin responded just over 30 minutes later with this: 

Being a good sport (pun intended), Cruz’s account sent a GIF of Will Farrell’s Ron Burgundy drinking a Miller High Life beer and exclaiming, “boy, that escalated quickly.”

Naturally, Feinberg’s own account blew up with responses that she got “owned” by Cruz. Feinberg complained that she’s “not owned” and the backlash is “my nightmare” and mocked critics by joking she’s “legally required to go work” for Gateway Pundit (a favorite site of the alt-right).

Now, for all the talk about President Trump’s debunked voter fraud claims endangering the country, a site like this should be called out for doing nothing to improve the level of civility in America. 

After being launched by Gawker in 2003, Deadspin was acquired by Spanish-language broadcaster Univision in August 2016 following Gawker’s infamous Hulk Hogan lawsuit

Already reeling from its spectacular failure to help elect Hillary Clinton, an incident like this should only be causing more heartburn for the network that features Jorge Ramos as its star personality.