Here We Go Again: Alex Wagner Returns to TV, Named Co-Host of ‘CBS This Morning: Saturday’

November 17th, 2016 1:59 PM

After roughly a year and a half since her horrendously far-left and utterly terrible MSNBC show was cancelled, CBS News announced on Wednesday that Alex Wagner will have a full-time TV gig again as she was named co-host of CBS This Morning: Saturday to replace Vinita Nair.

Variety’s Brian Steinberg broke the story as he showcased the left’s lack of self-realization by touting Wagner as “the popular one-time MSNBC host” who came to CBS a few months ago after writing for The Atlantic and appearing on the Showtime special The Circus

Steinberg again harped on her MSNBC success (or lack thereof) with the mention of Now with Alex Wagner being an Emmy-nominated program.

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Noticeably absent from Variety’s post was the fact that the Ivy League-educated Wagner is married to former Obama White House chef and Let’s Move partner Sam Kass in a star-studded liberal ceremony in August 2014 featuring President Barack Obama and the First Family. 

As my colleague Geoffrey Dickens chronicled back when Now was cancelled in July 2015, Wagner’s worst moments ranged from sucking up to Chelsea Clinton to claiming Republicans wanted to “punish” illegal immigrants with “alligator moats” at the border to Wagner ruling that a rally opposing illegal immigration made her ashamed to be an American. 

Upon perusing the vast NewsBusters archives for some other moments from Wagner and her failed show, here are a few that were exhumed:

- A July 21, 2015 guest touted getting an abortion as routine as donating blood
- Trashed the late Antonin Scalia for possessing such a “deeply emotional, partisan core” on June 25, 2015
- Two guests on April 29, 2015 suggesting that labeling Baltimore rioters as “thugs” was as bad as using the n-word
- Guest Jamilah Lemieux informing Wagner on March 26, 2015 that “nothing says, let’s go kill some Muslims, like country music”
- Wagner admitting on October 23, 2014 that it’s “distressing” that the Ottawa Islamic terror attack was being labeled a “terrorist act”
- She insisted on November 6, 2013 that she “tr[ies] to be” “non-partisan”

Wagner is set to start this Saturday alongside Anthony Mason, who will continue to be the other co-host. With CBS This Morning typically known to be the more mundane but admirably newsier of the three network morning shows, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of liberal hysteria and hot takes will arise with Wagner at the helm.