Hillary Offers Chocolate to ‘So Wonderful, So Cooperative, So Hard-Working’ Reporters; Skips Questions

In her latest attempt on Thursday afternoon to dodge questions from her press corps in extending her streak of days without a press conference to 264 days, Hillary Clinton tried some chocolate from a local store after blasting Donald Trump and the despicable alt-right movement and implored the employees to feed the assembled press because they’re “so wonderful, so cooperative, [and] so hardworking.”

Clinton tried a piece of chocolate from a Dorinda’s Chocolate employee before someone off-camera halfheartedly remarked that “[n]ow it’s a good time for questions, right” and so she responded by motioning toward the press that she “want[s] to offer it all to the press.”

When a female employee informed reporters that she “brought out 12 plates” for them to try samples from, Clinton gushed that her faithful, liberal entourage of journalists “are so wonderful, so cooperative, so hardworking” and therefore, “they all deserve a piece of chocolate.”

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As an unidentified reporter shouted to Clinton about why she didn’t come out and label Trump himself a racist, the Democratic presidential candidate fired back that “you’d love this” piece of chocolate that Clinton herself just tried.

With that, Clinton was whisked away as another reporter shouted a question about the Clinton Foundation but not before she bid farewell to her adoring fans by imploring them: “Here, everybody, try one!”

The transcript of Hillary Clinton interacting with the press corps following her Reno, Nevada speech on August 25 can be found below.

UNIDENTIFIED PERSON [OFF-CAMERA]: Now’s a good time for questions, right?

HILLARY CLINTON: Well — I want to offer it to all the press. 


CLINTON: They are so wonderful, so cooperative, so hardworking. They all deserve a piece of chocolate. 

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER #1: Why not outright call Donald Trump a racist today? 

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER #2: Secretary Clinton, any comment on — any comment on your — 

CLINTON [POINTING TO CHOCOLATE]: No, you’d love this, Tim.  

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER #2: Secretary Clinton, any comment on your husband leaving the Clinton Foundation? 


CLINTON: Here, everybody, try one!


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