Disgusting: Far-Left New York Daily News Tells Ted Cruz to ‘Drop Dead’ over NYC Remarks

Always desperate for attention, the far-left New York Daily News tabloid attempted to work itself back into the political discussion on Friday as the far-left outlet placed on its front-page a picture of the State of Liberty giving the middle finger with the headline: “DROP DEAD TED! Hey, Cruz: You don’t like NY values? Go back to Canada!”

As readers of NewsBusters have seen over the past three months, the tabloid has taken on an almost rabid obsession with attacking conservatives, God-fearing people and those in favor of the Second Amendment. 

Going back to November, it offered two covers smearing the National Rifle Association (NRA) as enablers of Jihad, but it was only the beginning as they expanded their attack to trashing people of prayer and gun rights advocates the day after the San Bernardino terror attack by proclaiming on its December 3 cover that they’re “cowards” and “God isn’t fixing this.”

When the identity of the San Bernardino shooters were revealed, the Daily News likened Syed Farook on December 4 to the “terrorist” NRA, Newtown, Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza, and alleged Charleston, South Carolina church shooter Dylann Roof. 

Naturally, the “big three” networks of ABC, CBS, and NBC provided fuel to the fire by promoting and even praising the despicable covers maligning conservatives in an attempt to boost the need for gun control (along with another going after Donald Trump on December 9).

Not surprisingly, the New York Daily News’s hobby of maligning conservatives had already made an appearance in 2016. As my colleague Tom Blumer reported on January 6, the paper accused the GOP of being the “party of death” for not supporting gun control.


In the days ahead, it’ll be worth seeing if any of the networks ignore or apply the same treatment that they have in the past to the New York paper’s outrageous covers.

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