Wealthy Winstead Thinks Ivanka Trump Too Privileged To Be a Feminist

Feminists are taking things a little too far these days. Of course, pro-abortion was always extreme, but having Donald Trump as a president was apparently the perfect way to trigger even more activism. At least, that’s what Daily Show creator Lizz Winstead told CNN.

In an interview with Joann Sierra, Winstead shared her thoughts on Trump, sexism, and her favorite topic: reproductive rights (read:abortion). She also addressed the infamous claim made by other members of the Daily Show, that their news was the most accurate. In her words, “You could fact check our show and it would be correct. Is it all the news you need? No. But, is it accurate? Yeah.”

“If late night alienates you, then, what is it about the truth that you feel alienated by?” she asked.

Oh, and Ivanka Trump isn’t a feminist because she’s too privileged. When asked why Ivanka is getting so much criticism from the left and the feminist movement, Winstead said, “I think that her message comes from a super privileged space … you know, so it’s like she doesn’t have a clue about how to talk about anything other than the life she lives.” Right. So a multimillionaire leftie comedienne (net worth $15 million) is more capable and less privileged than Ivanka Trump to comment on feminist issues. That makes so much sense.

But she was more than willing to make statements for the good of the cause from her own privileged space. “I feel that every woman is a victim of sexism and I feel like you gotta call it out no matter what, no matter how you feel about them.” Every woman is a victim of sexism? What in the world is she talking about?

Oh, and Samantha Bee is “really cool.” Because now that Trump is president, in this era, “for the first time we’re actually looking at the political ramifications of walking the earth with a uterus, which is kind of astounding.” Well, women got the vote in 1920, and pro-abortion feminists got abortion legalized in 1973. So it seems like that has to be hyperbole. She missed being accurate by a century. What is it about that truth that’s alienating?

It doesn’t matter. Winstead has to be right. She does a “Vagical Mystery Tour” where she raises money and volunteers for Planned Parenthood clinics across the country. Doesn’t that give her some liberal leverage?

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