NY Times Spins ‘Largely Peaceful,’ Actually Violent Pro-Hamas Rally in Brooklyn

October 26th, 2023 6:00 PM

The New York Times, which penned an “Editor’s Note” on Monday after botching its initial coverage of the blast at a Gaza hospital by taking the word of Hamas, did some more pro-Palestinian whitewashing in a story in Tuesday’s print edition. NYC-based reporter Andy Newman ridiculously termed a violent pro-Palestinian march in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bay Ridge as "largely peaceful,” despite the many arrests.

"On Saturday, about 5,000 people in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn, home to a significant Palestinian population, held a largely peaceful protest calling for Israel to stop killing civilians in Gaza," Newman wrote before admitting, "Near the end, 19 people were arrested, some of them after clashing with the police."

"The protest followed a large pro-Israel demonstration near Times Square on Thursday and a pro-Palestinian demonstration on Friday at which 139 people were arrested while blocking traffic, according to the police," he added.

Newman avoided the eliminationist rhetoric shouted at the rally and mostly skipped the offensive signs on display in Bay Ridge (as did the paper’s photographers). Yet he took time to curate isolated “anti-Muslim” attacks and to promote the Islamic pressure group CAIR, which has previously been linked to Hamas, the terrorist group that carried out the killings of Jews in Israel.

Newman found someone who clearly didn’t watch the news:

At the protest in Bay Ridge, Setareh Jalali, 25, holding a sign that read “Kurds for Palestine,” said, “In mainstream media, it seems that everybody is on Israel’s side 100 percent, but things like this remind me of the solidarity that is there.”

He emphasized the “minor infractions” by those “largely peaceful” arrestees and even concluded with a hint of police brutality:

The 19 people arrested on Saturday in Bay Ridge were cited for minor infractions, the police said -- disorderly conduct, obstructing governmental administration and resisting arrest. A video posted on Instagram by Within Our Lifetime, which organized the protest, showed a uniformed police officer throwing punches as he waded into a crowd of protesters.

By contrast, the paper’s rival New York Post didn’t blanket the bad behavior with blandishments but committed actual journalism, as in reporting what was done and said at the rally: Thousands of NYC protesters demand eradication of Israel (nypost.com)

Thousands of anti-Israel protesters clashed with police Saturday night after they refused to vacate the Bay Ridge street they had flooded for hours.

The “Flood Brooklyn for Palestine” demonstration descended into chaos as night fell, with protesters completely shutting down traffic, screaming at police and lighting small fires in the middle of the roadways.


A young teenager was seen trying to hold an older woman carrying a “Zionism is Genocide” sign who was being yanked by two officers.

Some rioters lobbed eggs at the swarming cops.

Protesters continued shouting in the streets, as well as chanting over small fires they set up in the road.

Here’s one chant from the rally calling for the elimination of Jews that the Times somehow missed:

“We are calling for full liberation of all of Palestine … to every single inch, from river to the sea,” shouted one protester, repeating a refrain used by Hamas terrorists and their anti-Israel backers.