NY Times Smears DeSantis As Racist Again: 'Outraged Many Black Voters and Leaders'

September 2nd, 2023 8:14 AM

Wednesday’s edition of the New York Times featured “After Jacksonville, Tensions Flare Between DeSantis and Black Floridians,” by reporters Nicholas Nehamas (who previously mocked DeSantis’s debating skills) and Maya King. It’s the latest Times racial smear of Florida’s conservative governor and Republican presidential candidate, who they're suggesting was "an example of racism in policymaking."

(Note: Woke-style capitalization of “Black” in original.)

Days after being sworn in as Florida’s governor in 2019, Ron DeSantis pardoned the Groveland Four, a group of Black men who had been wrongfully accused of sexually assaulting a white woman decades earlier.

The reporters reliably dredged up the usual liberal talking points they’ve held grudge-like against DeSantis since before he won Florida's 2018 gubernatorial election.

At the time, Mr. DeSantis’s decision seemed like it could serve as a vital olive branch to Florida’s wary African American community. Accusations of racism had trailed him throughout a bruising general election, which he had begun by warning voters not to “monkey this up” by voting for his Democratic opponent, who was Black….

Four years later, Mr. DeSantis’s relationship with Black Floridians could hardly be worse. As he moved increasingly to the right ahead of his run for president, Mr. DeSantis pushed an agenda that cemented his status as a rising conservative star nationally but that has outraged many Black voters and leaders in his home state.

Those policies include changing how slavery is taught in schools, cutting funding for diversity and inclusion initiatives and redistricting a Black-led congressional district in northern Florida out of existence. Some Black professional groups have stopped holding conferences in the state, while several Black leaders have condemned Florida -- and Mr. DeSantis -- as an example of racism in policymaking.

Now, a racially motivated shooting in Jacksonville that killed three Black people over the weekend has escalated those tensions to new heights.

After a paragraph from a black DeSantis supporter, Florida state Rep. Kiyan Michaels, we are led to assume that all claims by left-wing activists should be taken as fact.

The list of policies that Mr. DeSantis’s critics describe as harmful to African Americans is long, and many have been challenged in court.

As governor, Mr. DeSantis sought to restrict enacting a popular referendum to restore the voting rights of many felons. After the George Floyd rallies, he signed legislation that many civil rights activists said criminalized political protests, as well as laws eliminating diversity and inclusion spending from state universities and restricting the teaching of the academic framework known as critical race theory. He also set up a new state police force to enforce election laws that arrested mainly Black people in a high-profile sweep and has seen many of its cases stumble in court. And he removed two elected state attorneys from office. Both were Democrats who supported criminal justice reform. One was Black.

(Here's the DeSantis press release on the George Soros-backed state attorney Monique Worrell’s idea of “criminal justice reform” – i.e., failing to prosecute crimes.)

After rehashing the media-inspired brouhaha over a single line about slavery in a course on African-American studies, the reporters delved deeper to make a sinister connection.

As a young man, Mr. DeSantis taught American history at a private boarding school in Georgia. There, The New York Times previously reported, some students said he offered lessons on the Civil War that seemed slanted, factually wrong and sometimes presented in ways that sounded like attempts to justify slavery.

On the campaign trail, Mr. DeSantis has leaned on his record leading Florida, particularly his “war on woke,” which seeks to eliminate liberal viewpoints on race and gender from many parts of public life….

Yes, because public life was absolutely starved of “liberal viewpoints on race and gender.”