NYT's Blow Goes After 'Limbaugh-tomized Minions of the Far, Far Right'

March 10th, 2009 12:29 PM
New York Times "visual op-ed" columnist Charles Blow remains giddy over Republican failures in his latest column, "Three Blind Mice." Blow's mice (aka "the axis of drivel") are Republican governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, RNC chairman Michael Steele, and talk show giant Rush Limbaugh (the latter of whom controls "Limbaugh-tomized minions of the far, far right").

All these insults are packed into one puny-sized column in Saturday's edition, accompanied by a graph (that would be the "visual" part) demonstrating beyond a shadow of a doubt that among citizens at large, the newly elected President of the United States is more popular than a conservative talk show host. This apparently proves something or other.

...the Republicans have dissolved into a querulous lot of nags and naysayers without a voice, a direction or a clue, and we are not amused.

And who has surfaced as their saviors? Bobby Jindal, Michael Steele and Rush Limbaugh -- the axis of drivel.


On Sunday, [Steele] continued his ludicrous, "off the hook" mission to appeal to the hip-hop set by going on the D.L. Hughley show on CNN and calling Rush Limbaugh an "entertainer" with an "ugly," "incendiary" style. Spot-on observations -- and brave. But, alas, illusory.

Limbaugh delivered a blistering, frothy-mouthed rebuttal on his radio show, admonishing Steele to pump his brakes and stay in his lane (hip-hop references just for you Mr. Steele)...Steele predictably bowed and scraped and repented.

The whole sorry episode reeked of the same cowardice that the entire party is showing in the face of this howler, afraid of offending his Limbaugh-tomized minions of the far, far right.

Blow managed to discuss Steele's appearance on D.L. Hughley's CNN talk show without noting that Hughley said the G.O.P. "literally look like Nazi Germany."

Yet it's Limbaugh who is accused of frothing at the mouth.