Eurobias: Houston's "Scramble to Profit" from Katrina?

Tuesday's Times story by Simon Romero on the efforts of Houston businesses to assist in Katrina relief efforts was fairly unobjectionable -- but the version that appeared in the Times' international edition (the International Herald Tribune) contained some political raunch sure to delight European readers of a left-wing bent.

Blogger Austin Bay says, "note the sharpened rhetorical daggers" in the lead sentence of the IHT version: "No one would accuse this city of being timid in the scramble to profit from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina."

That bit didn't make it into the stateside edition of the Times.

For more on local reaction to the Times story, see the website of Houston's local ABC station, where some found the international version "overly critical, ill-timed, and in poor taste."

For more Times' bias (and the recent wave of blame-Bush Katrina bias) visit TimesWatch.
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