Heroes Are Boring

On Saturday's front page of the Washington Post we have Troops Facing Murder Probe by Jonathan Finer.

Then via Gateway Pundit we have a link to a book by Caspar Weinberger, Home of the Brave - Honoring the Unsung Heroes In The War On Terror.

Of course the folks doing the un-singing are the Washington Post, The New York Times, all the usual suspects. Apart from whatever the facts of Finer's latest case are, if you're a soldier pining to be on the front page the best thing to do is commit a crime. Our standard-issue modern reporter isn't interested in lavishing anywhere near the same amount of loving detailed attention on soldiers rescuing their comrades from hell and defeating the human monsters who want to murder you. That's just the same ol' same ol', or maybe they read about it in an old magazine--wasn't that a different war where Americans did that?

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