Why Jimmy Kimmel Is Wrong About Arming Teachers

April 22nd, 2023 1:30 AM

Jimmy Kimmel may never stop apologizing for making bikini models bounce on trampolines.

That bit became part of The Man Show lore, and something no modern program would attempt today.

Kimmel’s Comedy Central series, co-hosted by Adam Carolla, embraced faux misogyny and so-called toxic masculinity.

So Kimmel uses his late-night ABC perch to make amends, hoping the woke mob won’t “rediscover” his problematic jokes of yore.



How? By embracing a hard-Left mindset and throwing out progressive talking points on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Case in point, this comment about arming school teachers to prevent future shootings.

“What a remarkably stupid and dangerous idea,” Kimmel said. He joked that if this had been the case when he was at school, “my Spanish teacher would have shot me at least 15 times.”

Laura Carno has a different point of view, one built on facts instead of progressive sloganeering.

Arming teachers is a relatively new phenomenon, but so far the results are more promising than slapping a “gun-free zone” sign on a school facility.

“In the history of armed school employees, there have never been any problems where anyone has been injured,” notes Carno, Executive Director for FASTER Colorado. The organization trains teachers and school administrators on the proper use of firearms and how to react in case of an emergency.

The data set regarding armed faculty may be small, but Carno notes a vital fact that folks like Kimmel likely don’t know.

“According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, while the trend for mass school shootings has been slowly increasing, the trend on mass school shootings at schools with armed staff is flat at zero,” Carno says.

Kimmel’s crack about his Spanish teacher might make some smile, but it alludes to a situation armed training centers anticipate. 

Volatile teachers wouldn’t be anywhere near a gun on school grounds.

“Armed school employees are all volunteers and are extensively vetted,” she says. “If that Spanish teacher had an anger problem or other characteristics that would have caused concern, she would not have been a part of the small, well-trained, armed team.”

It’s easy to dismiss Kimmel’s cracks as a court jester’s musings. That’s no longer the case as late-night humorists are extensively quoted, and praised, in the media to amplify their political arguments.

Kimmel wants his monologues to change hearts and minds, and so do the reporters repeating his rants.



Arming school teachers remains a contentious issue. Not everyone agrees with the tactic, and fair-minded debates should be had on the matter.

Kimmel offered nothing of the kind. In fact, he did the vital conversation a disservice.