Golden Globes Honor Catholic-Bashing 'Philomena,' Snub Patriotic Film

Quality movies routinely get snubbed this time of year as organizations release their "best of the year" proclamations.

It's still interesting to note that Philomena, a movie that accuses the Catholic Church of cruel adoption policies, and much worse, received several key nominations from the Golden Globes while Lone Survivor got shut out.

Judi Dench earned a Best Actress nomination as the titular Philomena, and her film drew one of five slots in the Best Movie Picture, Drama category.

Lone Survivor recalls the heroic true story of four Navy SEALs forced to fight a small army of Taliban forces. The film is patriotic to its core, extolling the strength and sacrifices of its main characters without attempting to humanize the Taliban warriors stalking the SEALs.

The Golden Globes are chosen by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, a group of international journalists which routinely comes under fire for its odd choices and hunger for celebrities to attend its annual bash.

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