Nasty Kimmel Trashes 'Toilet Seat' Florida for Taking on Big Tech

May 27th, 2021 11:46 PM

During his Tuesday late night show, ABC's leftist host Jimmy Kimmel hurled juvenile attacks at Republican Governor Ron DeSantis for signing a bill to stop censorship of Floridians by Big Tech. “Wreck-it Ron was very proud of his toothless new legislation, and made a passionate case for why it kind of had almost nothing to do with Donald Trump,” said Kimmel during his monologue.

The “toothless new legislation” Kimmel was referring to was SB 7072. On May 24, DeSantis signed SB 7072 to hold Big Tech accountable by driving transparency and safeguarding Floridians’ ability to access and participate in online platforms.



“According to this law, which they know won't hold up, banning a candidate from your platform would result in fines of up to $250,000 a day,” Kimmel continued in his rant. “Gee, I wonder who lives in Florida and was banned from Twitter who may have had a tiny hand in this? Can you think of anyone?”

This was referred to because during a press conference before signing the bill, Governor DeSantis stated, “When you deplatform the president of the United States but you let Ayatollah Khamenei talk about killing Jews, that is wrong.”

Kimmel brought up that Ayatollah Khomeini died in 1989 for a cheap joke, but DeSantis did correct his spelling of the name he was referring to on twitter.

The bill that Kimmel criticized gives more of a voice to the people of Florida and not rich tech giants.

According to SB 7072:

  • All Floridians treated unfairly by Big Tech platforms will have the right to sue companies that violate this law — and win monetary damages. This reform safeguards the rights of every Floridian by requiring social media companies to be transparent about their content moderation practices and give users proper notice of changes to those policies, which prevents Big Tech bureaucrats from “moving the goalposts” to silence viewpoints they don’t like.
  • Big Tech is prohibited from de-platforming Floridian political candidates. The Florida Election Commission will impose fines of $250,000 per day on any social media company that de-platforms any candidate for statewide office, and $25,000 per day for de-platforming candidates for non-statewide offices. Any Floridian can block any candidate they don’t want to hear from, and that is a right that belongs to each citizen — it’s not for Big Tech companies to decide.

“You know how when you go on a road trip, and you have to stop to pee at some sketchy gas station in the middle of nowhere, and the toilet seat has a swastika carved into it for some reason?" Kimmel said at the conclusion of his monologue, “And you think, 'Why would anyone to even touch, to carve anything into a toilet seat? Let alone something horrible like a swastika?' Anyway, Florida is that toilet seat.”

Kimmel’s disgusting partisan attacks were brought to viewers by Allstate and Facebook. To learn more about how to call out advertisers for sponsoring propaganda click here.  

Here is a transcript of the May 25 segment:

ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live
May 25, 2021
11:40 P.M. EST

JIMMY KIMMEL: In other government weasel news, governor Ron DeSantis of Florida signed a new law that would fine social media companies if they remove anyone who's running for office in his state. According to this law, which they know won't hold up, banning a candidate from your platform would result in fines of up to $250,000 a day. Gee, I wonder who lives in Florida and is banned from Twitter who may have had a tiny hand in this? [ Laughter] Can you think of anyone? Wreck-it Ron was very proud of his toothless new legislation, and made a passionate case for why it kind of had almost nothing to do with Donald Trump. 

GOVERNOR RON DESANTIS (R-FL): The bill is for everyday Floridians. This is what we said. And it would allow any Floridian to be able to, um, to provide what -- what they're doing. So, um -- but I think -- I do think that's another issue that -- that has been brought to bear. When you deplatform the president of the United States but you let Ayatollah Khamenei talk about killing Jews, that is wrong. [ Cheers and applause ] 

JIMMY KIMMEL: The Ayatollah died in 1989, by the way. [ Laughter] 17 years before Twitter. But he corrected that on Twitter. But we get it, Ron. You know how when you go on a road trip, and you have to stop to pee at some like sketchy gas station in the middle of nowhere, and the toilet seat has a swastika carved into it for some reason? And you think, "Why would anyone to even touch, to carve anything into a toilet seat? Let alone something horrible like a swastika?" Anyway, Florida is that toilet seat.