Charlie Daniels Column: I'm Sick and Tired of Fear-mongering by the Left

I'm literally sick and tired of people - who instead of having anything constructive or even intelligent for that matter - to add to any conversation they disagree with, repeat what they've heard someone say on TV or read about in the newspaper as being the absolute truth and are not willing to listen to any other opinion, no matter how sensible.

I'm totally frustrated and out of patience with people who, if you say something about cutting entitlements, they say that you want to starve poor people, or if you say you’re tired of seeing money wasted on an educational system that isn't working that you don't care if underprivileged children get educated or call you a racist because you criticize the policies of Barack Obama.

If you want something done about the mess at the border, you hate all Mexicans, and if you criticize radical Muslims somebody is quick to remind you that all Muslims are not terrorists. Heck, I know that if I was to say something about the IRA blowing things up in England, some people would inform me that all Irish are not terrorists.

If you start pointing out that nobody actually knows what’s in ObamaCare legislation the supporters don't even consider what you say, they just start proclaiming that you want people who can’t afford to buy healthcare insurance to just die.

This is a ridiculous statement, I would passionately like to see every citizen of this and every nation be well-fed, well-clothed, well-sheltered, well-educated and have access to the best medical care available.

If ObamaCare was the really the answer to making this happen I would go for it hook, line and sinker. The simple truth of the matter is that it is not, it is a poorly thought out, ill conceived document that Obama said had to be passed immediately and to their everlasting shame, Senators and Congressmen accepted bribes of one kind or another and passed the 2,700 page monstrosity without even reading it.

I realize that people without health insurance are desperate for coverage and think this is the answer to their needs, but the cruel truth is that it's not an answer to anything except Obama's insatiable desire for more and more power and his fervent desire to see this country modeled after the socialist nations of Europe, and you can see what's happening there.

The problem is that by the time the people who are depending on ObamaCare find out what it really is it will be too late. The process will be in force, the bureaucracies will be in place, the laws will be passed and the public will be forced to live under it.

When they find out that a desk jockey from some new agency is in charge of administering their health care, that they're 500th in line for that knee replacement, that if your operation is not an absolute emergency you'll just have to live with the pain until some bureaucrat decides it's your turn, or when an elderly relative needs a pacemaker and is told they're too old to qualify the truth will start to dawn.

When sickness is viewed through the cold statistics in an actuarial table rather than the eyes of compassion for human suffering, only then will people start to realize what a cruel bill of goods they've been sold and just how far down the river their "so called " representatives have sold them.

When doctors start retiring from practice and stop taking Medicare patients, when dedicated young people decide that the medical profession is just too much of a hassle and there is not nearly enough doctors to go around, the real purpose of ObamaCare will start to fall on a nation, bogged down in red tape and bureaocracy, completely bankrupt and tangled in the web of socialism.

The malevolent part of the whole thing is that the people who think it's going to help them the most are the ones who are going to be the most hurt by it and the downright deception in the way its being presented by Obama and company.

I don’t claim to know much but you can take this to the bank people.

There will not be any meaningful healthcare legislation until it addresses tort reform and starts severely punishing those who game the system.

Supreme Court decisions not withstanding.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, and for our country.

God bless America