Can We Drill Now, Mr. President?

I am not a sage, a soothsayer or even a wise man but it has been as obvious as the nose on my face, every since this upheaval in Egypt started that the country is going to end up in radical Islamic hands.

It may be less obvious, but never the less inevitable, that the rest of the Middle Eastern Muslim countries are going to follow suit sooner or later.

The fact is that our president, the state department, homeland security and everybody else in this administration, with the exception of the military, is naive, inept and incapable of dealing with the situation and seems perfectly content to let Egypt become another al-Qaeda base of operations.

People can’t you see what’s happening here?

The only democracy and the only ally we have in the Middle East is Israel and the incompetency of the Obama administration is even more threatening to Israel’s security than it is to ours, and that’s saying something.

As the dominos fall, the price of crude oil will go through the roof. We sit here on top of enough natural gas to last a century, enough crude oil and shale oil to get us through the many decades that it will take to build new nuclear plants and develop some realistic alternative energy. And all Obama has come up with is a car that will run a few miles if you leave it plugged into the wall all night long.

Our president has banned oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico and many of the rigs have moved on to work for people who have sense enough to drill for the oil they need. Even if Barack lifted the ban tomorrow, we can’t get enough rigs back in the Gulf to do anything meaningful before the eventual Islamic takeover of the Middle Eastern oil fields.

Obama is, for all intents and purposes, lost in the middle of a situation that he has neither the experience nor the support group to deal with.

Janet Napolitano recently made the statement that things on our southern border were fine, that people were only trying to make political hay by citing the problems and the danger there.

Evidently Ms. Napolitano is totally out of touch with what is really going on at the Mexican border.

She should have conversations with the border patrol agents and law enforcement officers who patrol the border risking their lives every day.

She should talk with the family of the rancher who was murdered on his own property last year. She should talk with the people who own property on the border who never know what’s going to happen after they go to bed at night.

Napolitano is a prime example of what is wrong with the Obama administration. She’s just simply out of her depths and doesn’t have anybody to advise her.

Eric Holder is another example of naivety gone amuck. He wants to try terrorists in the middle of the biggest city in this country and instead of aiding Arizona in it’s effort to do the job he should be doing, he files a law suit against them.

Timothy Geithner reminds me of a high school football player who suddenly finds himself quarterbacking the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl. He’s going to get sacked every play.

Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, helped reinforce how clueless this administration is by saying that the Muslim Brotherhood is “largely secular” and that they have “eschewed violence”. Tell that to Anwar Sadat who was assassinated by Egyptian Islamic Jihad, which was spawned by the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood is a self-described Islamist group and it seeks to establish a state based on Sharia Law in every predominantly Muslim country. Hamas -whose charter calls for the destruction of the State of Israel - also has its roots in the Muslim Brotherhood.

I do not hate Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or any of the other people in the administration, I’m just simply appalled at the level of incompetence and inexperience, the lackadaisical attitude toward potentially disastrous situations and the inability to see that this country is headed toward a catastrophic shortage of energy which will bring our economy and the security of this nation to it’s knees.

I am disgusted with a president who goes around the world apologizing for America and bowing to foreign leaders, who acts as if the Muslim Brotherhood is just another benign political party and refuses to even acknowledge the invasion of our border states by totally ruthless drug cartels.

I am tired of an administration that is naïve enough to think we can live in harmony with Muslim radicals and allows the domestic terrorist threat to grow basically unabated because they’re afraid of being accused of not being politically correct.

We need to drill in the Gulf, in Alaska, in the western states, on the White House lawn if necessary. We need to find something besides corn to produce ethanol, we need to fast track nuclear power plants, we need to harvest our abundant natural gas, we need to mine coal, and we need to do it all today.

Maybe when gas is ten dollars a gallon and El Paso is completely taken over by the drug cartels, when the new Ottoman Empire is established under radical Islamic rule, when Iran tries to destroy Israel with nuclear weapons, when the dollar is no longer the reserve currency of the world and hyperinflation ravages the nation, when Sharia Law is instituted in some of our states, when Obamacare raises it’s ugly head and destroys the best health care system on earth and the entitlement riots begin, maybe, just maybe the apathetic population of this nation will wake up.


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