The Trouble with Career Politicians

ObamaPolitics was once an honored profession of high calling by men of strong principles and courage whose interest in being elected to these positions of public trust was to serve the country and make sure their generation left a better world to the next one.

They were, for the most part, men of faith, men of integrity, commitment, practicality and common sense who viewed high political office as a term of service, not a lifetime vocation.

They fought and won wars against far superior odds, battled economic downturns, abolished slavery and left us a rich endowment of federal papers documenting their vision of what the United States of America is and was meant to remain.

It is a heartbreaking fact that nowadays politics has become not a calling but a game. Gaining public office is achieved by the most photogenic, the silver-tongued, the most attractive who look good on television and can raise the most money.

We tend to pay more attention to the messenger than to the message, the one who can lie with the straightest face.

Many times policy is achieved by backroom deals and downright sellouts. The leadership promising perks to make it look like Congressmen and Senators are bringing home the bacon to the folks back home to enhance their next election chances.

They never stop to think about just whose bacon they're sending and "by the people, for the people, of the people" has turned into, buy the people, fool the people and rob the people.

And before any of you cherry pickers accuse me of taking sides, let me assure you that I'm talking about Democrats and Republicans. After all it was the Republicans who started this national debt spiral, the Democrats have just taken it to new and insane highs.

Our founders did not design this system for career politicians, but rather citizen politicians who would serve a couple of terms and let someone fresh off the street serve, someone who is acquainted with what's happening now, not twenty years ago when this bunch of hacks took office.

Our political bodies were intended to be made up of common folk, doctors, druggists, farmers, carpenters, and some but not all lawyers.

The corruption that plagues our political system is not just confined to the federal branch but rots our local and state governments as well.

The one-sided attitude of the media I think dissuades a lot of honorable people from going into politics. If you're not a member of the party the media supports they come after you with both barrels blazing, examining your whole life with a microscope trying to unearth some juicy little tidbit that will turn the public against you and undermine your campaign, and who wants to put their family through that.

We need look no farther than the last presidential election to find proof of what I'm talking about.

Look at the raging war that was waged against Sarah Palin. A media that actually turns a totally blind eye to childbirth out of wedlock acted as if Bristol Palin had committed a crime of immense and proportions.

While Barack Obama, the all-time media darling, who sat under the preaching of a revolutionary racist for twenty years claimed he had never heard any of the inflammatory, anti-American rhetoric that regularly spewed from Jeremiah Wright's mouth.

He kept company with a sixties era terrorist who to this day wants to destroy the American way of life, and was never held accountable.
Those who have sworn to serve you pass bills that they haven't even read and the last thing they want is for we the people to find out what's actually in them.

There's a dirty little club in Washington and the state capitols around this country, a club whose membership fees are to toe the line and be willing to sell out your own nation for a place at the big hog trough.

And ladies and gentlemen, with the exception of a handful of good men and women who actually keep the faith in this pack of wolves, that's what they are, pigs with and insatiable appetite for power.

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