House GOP Holds FBI Director’s Feet to the Fire, Will Nets Ignore?

July 12th, 2023 6:06 PM

On Wednesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray faced questions from the House Judiciary Committee about his alleged weaponization of the FBI against conservatives and Republicans. Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) led Republicans and several Democrats in condemning the FBI’s conduct and insisting it maintained a two-tear system of Justice. Major news outlets, including CNN and MNSBC, repeatedly refuted and discredited these claims all day. So we will soon see how the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) will report on these fiery moments.

The hearing began with Jordan offering a scathing summary of the FBI. He referred to the Federal Judge’s ruling in the Western District of Louisiana, which called the FBI an “Orwellian Ministry of Truth:”

When the Court says the FBI “misled,” that’s a nice way of saying, they lied. They lied, and as a result, important information was kept from we the people days before the most important election we have, the election of the President of the United States, election of the commander-in-chief. In a survey last fall, 4 out of 5 Americans said they believe there’s a two-tiered system of justice in America today. They said that because there is. They said that because of what they’ve witnessed.

Jordan listed instances of the FBI misleading the public, including their conduct in the Hunter Biden laptop cover-up, COVID-19 information censorship, the targeting of parents, Catholics, and school boards, the fast-tracked Mar-a-Lago investigation, and the slow-tracked Biden investigations.

Representative Wesley Hunt expounded on the different approaches to Trump and Biden’s classified documents and summarized the American people’s opinion on the FBI and its mishandling of information:

Here’s what the American people believe about the FBI today, sir. If you are a Trump, you’ll be prosecuted. If you are a Biden, you’ll be protected. And the American people that I represent are sick and tired of this double standard. [...] We see one case being fast tracked and one case being slow walked. We see one president’s home being raided, the other president’s home being kindly searched. You have one government agency – the Secret Service – protecting the former president and his home, and another government agency – the FBI – raiding the same home. Now, to me sir, that’s tragically ironic.

Additionally, Representative Chip Roy addressed the differences between the FBI’s treatment of Trump and Biden. He asked Wray:

How on earth did the FBI empower an agent under investigation for potentially corrupt performance and abuse of FISA in one politically fraught investigation, a Democrat operative driven case against President Trump, to play a key role and to undermine a second politically fraught investigation in a case against the Bidens?

Representative Mike Johnson (R-LA) agreed and called the FBI “a political tool” and referred to the declining trust in the FBI as “a decline of people’s faith on your watch, sir.”

When Flordia Representative Matt Gaetz asked Wray about how many unlawful queries the FBI conducted, Wray did not have an answer. “Isn’t that a number you should know, how many times the FBI is breaking the law under your watch?” Gaetz asked. “The answer is, the FBI is broken so bad that people can go and engage in queries that when you come before the Congress to answer questions, you’re like blissfully ignorant,” Gaetz told Wray.

The Republican Representatives addressed time after time the FBI failed to protect American citizens and instead hurt them by censoring information. They provided ample evidence of censorship and weaponization, the very censorship and weaponization that liberal outlets had repeatedly denied. Will ABC, CBS, and NBC still defend the FBI after today?