Bozell: Media Obama's 'Overeager Labrador Retriever' Biting Romney At Every Chance

We’ve seen this play out over and over and over again. If it hurts Barack Obama’s chances of re-election, the media ignore it. If it hurts Mitt Romney, they obsess over it night after night.

We saw it in July when Obama disparaged small business and at this point in the cycle the networks had given it ZERO coverage. We saw it last week when the networks relentlessly attacked Romney’s criticism of the Obama Administration’s spineless response to anti-American violence in the Middle East. Now we’re seeing it again this week with this manufactured controversy surrounding the secretly recorded - and edited - Romney tape.

The Obama campaign wants the Romney tape to be a big issue, and the liberal media obey, covering it for nearly an hour and a half. Romney counters with a damaging tape of Obama, and it’s gets less than seven minutes of total coverage. The double standard is absolutely staggering. The liberal media are nothing more than the press office of the Obama campaign.

Like an overeager Labrador retriever, the liberal media will do anything to please their master, even if it means biting his opponent every day between now and the election.

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