NB Publisher Bozell: Komen 'Snapped Like a Toothpick' In Response to Liberal Media Pressure

Komen hasn't bent to political pressure from Planned Parenthood and its left-wing political allies - they've snapped like a toothpick. And according to our statistical analysis, pro-abortion ABC, CBS and NBC News have undoubtedly played a strategic role in this pressure.

Since Komen's first announcement only two days ago, these network morning and evening newscasts collectively have cited it more than 13 times. And not surprisingly, these reports overwhelmingly slammed Komen and sympathized with the abortion giant.

This stands in stark comparison to the same newscasts virtually ignoring the Obama's new 'health' mandate forcing thousands of Catholic institutions to defy their deeply held religious beliefs. In total, ABC, CBS and NBC have covered that story a whopping ONE time since the news broke two weeks ago today.

The liberal media are actively lobbying for a baby killing factory while deliberately avoiding the most serious threat to religious liberty in this country. It's anything but professional journalism.

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