Another Side of NBC’s David Gregory: He Screams ‘Unleash the Fury!’

David Gregory is best-known as the calm, if liberal, host of NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday mornings.

But he’s also a fan of the Washington Capitals hockey team and as a local celebrity, along with Pat Sajak, he volunteered to help cheer on the team with its “Unleash the Fury!” in-game presentation centered around actor Tom Green reprising the line from the same scene he played in the movie Road Trip.

Here, so you can see a different side of Gregory this Sunday morning, is a three-second video clip of Gregory screaming “Unleash the Fury!”


A Comcast SportsNet cable channel story about the making of the in-game video.

Some background, from the Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg, on how the phrase came to be used by the Capitals.

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