'Paging Dr. Obama' Makes It Seven Time Mag Covers Since Election for Obama

Time magazine's August 10 edition with President Barack Obama on the cover (“Paging Dr. Obama”) trying to heal the nation in a photo illustration as a physician, wearing a white smock with a stethoscope around his neck, brings to seven the number of issues the magazine's cover has featured Obama just since November's election -- make that eight for the First Family if you add in June 1's genuflecting “The Meaning of Michelle.” Amongst the seven of President Obama: “Person of the Year” and Obama as FDR.

The frequent cover appearances led even Jon Stewart, a Bush-hater who was thrilled by Obama's election, to quip Thursday night on his Comedy Central show: “Time magazine is like O magazine, like Obama has to be on the cover -- it is like Oprah magazine. I think he's been on like thirty times this year.”

Well, not thirty, at least not yet, though at about once per month Time will hit thirty Obama covers well before the 2012 vote. To illustrate Time's predilection, I did some graphics work of my own and created an image displaying the eight covers since the election. Go below the jump for a larger jpg.

Time Obama Watch
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