CNN's New Day Presses GOP Guest on Guns, Soft on Dems

August 8th, 2019 11:48 AM

On Wednesday's New Day show, CNN was still showing its transparent bias in favor of more restrictions on gun rights as gun control skeptic Congressman Brian Babin was pressed on his views while supporters of gun control were allow to give their prescriptions for more gun control with little challenge.

In the 6:00 a.m. hour of the show, co-host John Berman spoke with Congressman Babin as the Texas Republican pushed to enact legislation to help law enforcement assess and predict dangers. He also was keeping an open mind about the possibility of red flag laws while also having concerns about whether gun owners' rights would predicted if they were targeted by someone with a grudge.



Berman jumped in to press the Republican congressman for not having a mechanism in his plan to remove guns from mentally ill or dangerous targets in his legislation, and then demanded to know why high-capacity magazines should exist.

But, in the next hour, co-host Erica Hill allowed New York Governor Andrew Cuomo a forum to advise his fellow Democrats on which gun control measures they should support in the presidential race, including more background checks, red flag laws, and bans on so-called "assault weapons."



There were no discussions of the possible down sides of any of these measures, like the possibility that red flag laws would deter mentally ill gun owners from voluntarily seeking help out of a fear of stigma, or the argument that many guns that are not "assault weapons" are just as powerful, or that such weapons only account for a small percentage of shootings.

It could also have been pointed out that mass shooters nearly always pass background checks before purchasing their weapons, therefore making stricter background checks irrelevant to the recurring problem.

And CNN hosts did not press liberals on the possibility that law-abiding gun owners should have an easier time taking their guns into privately owned public places that often impose restrictions on gun owners in spite of being in gun-friendly states like Texas.

And on Tuesday's show, after an appearance by Illinois Republican Congressman Rodney Davis, CNN's Chris Cuomo hosted a segment with three gun control activists and gave no pushback when activist and Las Vegas shooting survivor Brian Claypool began ranting against the congressman: "I was really offended by that congressman's remark. I mean, I'm emotional as we speak. It has everything to do with these assault weapons that are being used -- it's not the human being."

After wrongly claiming that only "assault weapons" are capable of the levels of violence seen in some mass shootings, he added: "This human carnage across our country stems from a selfish Republican Party."