MSNBC Rages at 'Cages' for Kids at the Border, 'Lying' DHS Secretary Nielsen

March 10th, 2019 8:31 AM

In the aftermath of DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen's congressional testimony on the separation of illegal immigrant families on Wednesay, MSNBC personalities raged about "cages" for kids and accused Nielsen of "lying" for disliking the word "cages." 

Correspondent Jacob Soboroff declared that he was "angry" about her testimony.  Soboroff is the same reporter who toed the left-wing line and blamed America first for MS-13. Host Katy Tur admitted that she had never heard before that some illegal immigrant parents chose to leave their children in the U.S. even though this significant fact has been reported since last summer. 

The various segments did not begin by forthrightly informing viewers that the subject was illegal aliens rather than legal asylum seekers as this significant point was buried deep within the discussions if it was mentioned at all. On Wednesday's MSNBC Live with Katy Tur, host Tur began a segment by playing a clip of Nielsen denying that the cage-like structures in immigrant detention facilities should be called "cages."

As the MSNBC host went to Soboroff for his reaction, he complained that "that really makes me angry," and recalled visiting the detention centers as video of him in the fenced in areas could be seen on screen. He then fretted that "they look like animal kennels," hyperbolically adding:

It was one of the worst things I have ever seen in my entire life. And every time I look at this video, it brings back the same memory, the sick feeling of going through there and knowing that the Trump administration systematically separated thousands of migrant children from their parents.

Even though there have long been some cases in which immigrant families had to be separated, Soboroff misleadingly added: "No other administration had ever done this before as a stated deterrence policy."

He further complained: "And she just keeps -- verbal gymnastics was the term that was used today. 'Lies' is another way to put it. Just not being honest about what happened there this summer." 

A bit later, as the two discussed Nielsen claiming that illegals were given the chance to take their children with them when being deported, Tur inadvertently let on that she has not been adequately informed on this issue as she commented:

I also think it's just odd that we're hearng this from her right now. We never heard her make a claim like this or anybody make a claim like this that they were given multiple opportunities to reunite before they left until today. And this has been going on now for nearly, I guess, almost a year.

It sounds like Tur needs to watch more Fox News Channel which already featured Secretary Nielsen informing viewers of this part of the story last August.

As he denied that Nielsen was telling the truth on the issue, Soboroff declared: "It is mind-blowing watching her continue to go out there and just lie -- I'm sorry, that's what she is doing about this policy and what happened. It is infuriating."

Appearing the next morning on MSNBC Live with Stephanie Ruhle, Soboroff derided Nielsen's testimony as "nuts" and "Gaslighting 101" as he misleadingly suggested that she denied the existence of the detention facilities when in reality what she denied was that the word "cages" was the appropriate description, not that the facilities existed.

He also repeated the recurring MSNBC claim that the Trump administration has "forced" asylum seekers to cross the border illegally by making them wait in line to be accepted into ports of entry.

And on Wednesday's Deadline: White House,  MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace insisted "When you're debating what the definition of a cage is, you're losing." Contributor Paul Butler further misled viewers by claiming that the Trump administration is tryng to deter migrants who are "trying to legally enter the country through the appropriate procedures," as if the detention centers were holding legal immigrants.