Sharpton Misleads: Background Checks Are Not Required to Buy Guns

February 19th, 2019 10:19 AM

Anyone watching Sunday's interview between MSNBC host Al Sharpton and Georgia Democratic Congresswoman and gun control activist Lucy McBath would think that background checks are currently not required for gun purchases if they didn't already know better.

As the two discussed the congresswoman's crusade to impose more gun control in reaction to the murder of her son, Sharpton sought to find a double standard in Republicans because of their push for requiring photo IDs to vote while opposing gun permits and more background checks to buy guns.



The MSNBC host misleadingly posed: "Now, it seems to me a blatant contradiction that you have some of your colleagues in Congress that want to see voter ID -- government photos -- to vote, but don't want background checks to buy guns."

He then added: "I mean, if we are wanting to see that kind of strict ID to exercise the right to vote, we're going to put weapons in people's hands that don't even want to have strict background checks? That seems like a blatant contradiction to me."

Congresswoman McBath -- who last week on CNN misleadingly hinted that background check requirements do not currently exist to purchase guns from licensed dealers -- not surpisingly did nothing to correct Sharpton's deceptive question as she responded.

The liberal push to require background checks on private individuals who may sell or give away a gun one at a time continues to morph into suggestions that background checks are currently not required on anyone at all even though licensed gun dealers who sell large numbers of guns are already required to perform background checks.

Additionally, it is already illegal to supply a gun to an individual who is not legally allowed to possess one.