Hey, Media: Fox News Showcases Ex-Obama Border Chief Promoting Border Wall

January 21st, 2019 8:27 AM

This weekend, Fox News Channel again demonstrated that it is the only major news outlet to give attention to the case in favor of building President Donald Trump's border wall as Fox and Friends Saturday gave former Obama administration Border Patrol chief Mark Morgan a forum to argue in favor of building the wall, citing how much more effective walls are even if not 100 percent impenetrable.



Co-host Ed Henry began the segment by recalling news that hundreds of illegal immigrants recently used a tunnel to sneak under some of the barrier that exists in Arizona.

Morgan argued that the border situation is, in fact, a "real crisis," in spite of what Democrats and the more liberal media are claiming, and he then went on to complain about U.S. law encouraging illegal immigrants to sneak across the border rather than go through ports of entry, knowing they can take advantage of the law. 

He argued that "We actually are enabling and providing an incentive to these migrants to actually come here illegally," citing their willingness to take a dangerous trip to get to the border. He soon explained: "Our asylum laws are broke, and we have really bad court decisions like Flores that have educated these immigrants -- that they know that once they set one foot on American soil, that they're going to be allowed into our country."

He added: "What is their incentive to come to the points of entry and try it legally when they can circumvent that system, and once they hit American soil a couple of days, they're allowed in our country never to be heard from again?"

Host Henry reiterated that his guest is criticizing the Democratic position in spite of having worked for President Barack Obama. He then asked Morgan what he would say to Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about there being an "actual crisis" on the border. Morgan responded: "That's actually why I have broken my silence because the things that are being said like, for example, like the wall is ineffective or the wall is immoral. Those are not only false, but disingenuous arguments."

He added: "Again, go back -- go to San Diego, Nogales, El Paso. Everywhere where that wall is part of a multi-layer approach of infrastructure, technology, and personnel, it's worked."

He then argued that a "90 percent effective" wall is better than no wall, and, when asked by Henry to respond to the argument that people can tunnel under a wall as seen recently, Morgan reiterated that a wall at least makes it more difficult to get across even if it's not perfect.