Brit Hume Sees Fact Checkers Pushing Liberal Opinions as Facts

January 10th, 2019 11:18 AM

On Wednesday's Tucker Carlson Tonight, veteran Fox News analyst Brit Hume called out journalistic "fact checkers" who assume that liberal opinions on the illegal immigration issue are facts, and therefore that the conservative counter-opinions are claimed by those journalists to be not factual.

He and host Tucker Carlson also argued that the current illegal immgration problem is still complex in spite of illegal border crossings being down from a decade ago because of all the children and families who now cross.



Carlson began the segment by suggesting that journalists engaged in fact-checking are often "repeating Democratic talking points" insread of actual fact-checking. Hume complained that "fact-checking has become a branch of opinion journalism" and recalled about fact-checkers claiming that it was wrong for President Donald Trump to claim that there is a "crisis" at the Southern border. 

He then added: "Whether there's a crisis at the border or not is not a matter of fact -- it is a matter of opinion. One man's crisis is another man's problem." 

He then complained about the Washington Post's response to President Trump recalling that there were 266,000 border apprehensions in two years which the Post complained was "misleading" even if it was true.

A bit later, Carlson brought up the recurring tendency of journalists to make questionable claims that illegal immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than U.S. citizens, leading Hume to point out that, even if that were true, it would not contradict President Trump because he is not claiming that illegals have a higher rate of committing crimes -- only that some do commit serious crimes.

The two also pointed out that, in spite of border apprehensions being down from past decades, there ia a relatively new phenmenon of many migrants bringing children across the border with them, making it a more difficult situation to deal witih.

Additionally, appearing on Wedneday's New Day on CNN, right-leaning contributor Rick Santorum notably pointed out that the law makes it more difficult to deport Central Americans, whereas in the past, even though there used to be more illegals crossing, they were mostly Mexican men who were easier to deport back to their home country.