CNN's Sally Kohn Claims Caravan Members Not Illegal Immigrants

December 31st, 2018 8:57 PM

On Friday afternoon's CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin, CNN contributor Sally Kohn displayed the latest example of liberals conflating legal asylum seekers with those who cross the border illegally as she claimed that Central American caravan members were not really illegal immigrants.

She made this claim even though many crossed the U.S. border illegally through the desert while some tried to rush the border and were repelled with tear gas when immigrants threw objects at the border patrol. Many even entered Mexico illegally and were already illegal aliens before trying to enter the U.S.

During a discussion of the fight over border wall funding with fill-in host Ryan Nobles and the Washington Examiner's David Drucker, Kohn complained about President Donald Trump as she declared:



SALLY KOHN: It does seem he thinks it is a reliable strategy to gin up fearmongering and hate against any others beyond our border, and, in particular, Muslims and people from Mexico and Central America has been a repeated strategy of his. It is an old playbook both parties have used, but particularly Republicans. It is a race-based, otherizing, dehumanizing, politics of fearmongering that he's taken to a whole other level.

She then denied that a substantial number of caravan members have tried to enter the country "illegally" as she added:

KOHN: And here, it's really actually important to point out two things. One, that, for instance, those migrants in the caravan coming to the United States, they're not coming, quote, unquote, "illegally." These are not undocumented folks

These are folks who are following the rules -- who are coming to the border presenting themselves at the border to claim asylum in keeping with our laws and rules -- rules that Trump has tried to single-handedly change and then teargas people.

Rushing the border was not "following the rules"! After claiming that two-thirds of illegal immigrants are visas overstays, she complained that President Trump "just wants to gin up fear and hate at the border."

Neither Drucker nor Nobles gave any pushback to the liberal Kohn's claims.