MSNBC Republican: Rick Tyler Says Wall Supporters 'Don't Want People Who Are Not White'

December 24th, 2018 6:56 AM

On Friday's Hardball, Rick Tyler became the latest allegedly right-leaning MSNBC contributor to insert blatantly liberal or anti-conservative commentary into his analysis as he accused border wall supporters of racism, asserting that they "don't want people who are not white" coming into the country. "That's what this is about," he added.

Tyler appeared with liberal pundit Zerlina Maxwell. As the group mocked President Donald Trump over wanting to build a border wall, Tyler -- who, once upon a time, was an aide to conservative Republican Senator Ted Cruz -- noted that tariffs supported by Trump will make the wall more expensive because of higher steel prices.

RICK TYLER:  Remember, Chris the wall he's proposing is made of steel. There are tariffs on steel, any wall will be substantially more expensive than it would have been. It just goes on and on with this guy.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: If there's a steel wall that's 100 feet long, people who want to come into this country will walk around that wall, but they're not going to climb over a wall that's only a couple of hundred feet. That's the craziest thing I've ever heard of! What's the good of a 100-foot wall? And there's a multi, multi hundred mile border.

TYLER: The most often quote the Republicans used to make in speeches was quoting Ronald Reagan: 'Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.' And now we're trying to build a wall. And the reason we're building a wall is because we don't want people who are not white coming across the Southern border. That's what this is about.

So is that what Tyler thinks Ted Cruz's position is? He doesn't like the non-white people? But he obviously pleased his bosses at MSNBC. Matthews replied "You have said that well, haven't you?"

Matthews also went on a weird kick about how Trump spread his legs in front of Nancy Pelosi to be Mr. Macho in his on-camera debate with Pelosi and Sen. Charles Schumer: 

MATTHEWS: Nancy was very strong, the future speaker, and Chuck wouldn't even give the president eye contact, if you watched. He looked straight ahead. He wouldn't let it be the boys against the girl. He wouldn't let -- play that game, which Trump was trying to play. And he's there with his widespread legs, the whole number Trump`s doing of being big Mr. Macho. You saw what he was doing there.