Samantha Bee Likens Fox Viewers to Nazis, Hints Most Whites Racist

December 13th, 2018 8:45 AM

On Wednesday's Full Frontal show on TBS, liberal comedienne Samantha Bee displayed the latest example of liberals throwing around accusations of racism as she not only suggested that Fox News viewers are Nazi sympathizers, but a segment about alleged voter suppression hinted that most whites are racist because they refuse to vote for Democrats.



Early in the show, Bee took aim at Fox News over the recent launch of as she suggested that eldery men who write racist comments on Facebook might be interested in the new Fox News platform. Bee: "It's like television, Grandpa, but you get it on the smaller screen you use for writing racism on Facebook."

The show then made reference to the pro-KKK film Birth of a Nation by displaying on screen the words "Birth of a Fox Nation" while Bee continued to speak. After reading a quote from the New York Times likening the service to "Netflix for conservatives," Bee then worked in a Nazi reference as she added: "Which means it's for people who like Netflix but wish its World War II documentaries weren't so mean to the Nazis."


In a later segment, the show's pretend reporter, Ashley Nicole Black, was seen discussing the issue of alleged voter suppression by Republicans targeting black voters as she spoke with author and Emory University professor Carol Anderson, who claimed that Georgia Republican Governor-elect Brian Kemp has been the "king" of "vote suppressors" since 1965 and recited without context complaints about voter "purges" and voter ID requirements in Georgia.

Referring to Kemp, Black soon posed: "What I keep asking myself is: 'How did the people of Georgia fall for this guy?'" After clips of Kemp's campaign ads, she added: "It's 2018. Aren't white people kind of over racism a teeny tiny bit?"

As if one has to vote Democratic to not be racist, the professor was then seen responding:

Well, actually, the majority of whites have not voted for a Democratic candidate for President since 1964. What we're seeing in voter suppression really is that pure, uncut white supremacy, but it is also white fear. They wonder: "What will it mean if I can no longer rely upon by privilege?"

Black then pivoted to speaking with Abrams who claimed that "I did not have a free and fair election" in Georgia and charged that "voter suppression" is a type of "oppression" that "hits people of color the hardest."