MSNBC's Velshi Likens Climate Skepticism to 'Wrong Side of Cancer' Diagnosis

On Friday afternoon, as Ali Velshi covered the release of a government report predicting "dire" results of global warming, the MSNBC Live host fretted over the Trump administration burying its release on a Black Friday. 

He further suggested that being a global warming skeptic is similar to being "on the wrong side of a cancer discussion."

After NBC correspondent Tom Costello summarized the report, which predicts a greater frequency of extreme weather events like droughts and hurricanes in the future, as well as a loss of GDP by the U.S., Velshi followed up by bringing aboard former Obama administration advisor Jake Levine as a guest to discuss the issue without any dissenting opinion from the right.

Velshi began by commenting on the timing of the release on a Black Friday, and then posed: "What does an administration gain from being on the wrong side of a climate change discussion? It's like being on the wrong side of a cancer discussion or why you should get your teeth cleaned discussion. I mean, this is not political -- it's not partisan."

It's like saying MSNBC isn't partisan.

Levine gave his response that it was "shameful" after the California wildfires, but it revs up his base. There's no acknowledgment of the economic cost of their "solutions," and there's no acknowledgment that these dire predictions are just predictions, and may not come true. 

The MSNBC host further jabbed Trump supporters by suggesting that global warming will have a greater impact on them that will outweigh whether they "don't like" immigrants or gays. Velshi read a doom-predicting paragraph from the report and lectured: "There's nobody in this country -- it doesn't matter where you are, how rural you are, how much you don't like immigrants or gays or women getting equal pay -- climate change will find you."

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