MSNBC's Johnson: Kids in Cages Is 'White Nationalism' -- But Obama Also Did It

On Monday's MSNBC Live, Jason Johnson ignored the established history that President Barack Obama's adminstration housed illegal immigrant children in cage-like structures while they were being processed, as the MSNBC political contributor asserted that the practice is one of the ways the Trump administration is practicing "white nationalism."



As the group discussed administration plans to pressure legal immigrants not to collect welfare benefits, Johnson began railing against the Trump White House as he began:

This is what I've already said -- s-hole countries, putting kids in cages, investigating and trying to take away people's immigration rights, revoking people who have been allowed to come here as asylum seekers.

He then added:

This is white nationalism as a policy, and they can try to claim efficiency all they want, but they never demonstrate the numbers. They never demonstrate what this could actually cost the American people. And the problem is, even if you start snatching green cards away from parents -- it punishes children.

He also seemed to be referring to the investigation of some southern Texas residents for birth certificate fraud even though this practice was also done by previous administrations.


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