CNN Gives Forum to Stephen Miller's Childhood Rabbi to Trash Him on Immigration

September 12th, 2018 9:20 AM

A few weeks after giving White House advisor Stephen Miller's uncle whom he hardly knows a forum to attack him on immigration -- not once but twice -- the liberal news network did the same with a rabbi who has not been his spiritual leader since he was a child.



On Tuesday's Erin Burnett Outfront, at 7:43 p.m. Eastern, fill-in host Kate Bolduan introduced the segment:

Tonight, Stephen Miller -- a senior advisor to President Trump and an architect of the President's immigration plans -- is taking heat from his own rabbi over the family separations at the border. And, reminder, there are hundreds of children who have still not be reunited with their parents despite a federal court demanding they do so.

It was not until later in the segment that Rabbi Neil Comess-Daniels revealed that Miller has not been part of his congregation since he was "about nine or 10 years old" and that his family have also not been members for years.

And, apart from reading one quote from Miller advocating the enforcement of immigration law, the segment mostly ignored the specific arguments in favor of the administration on the child separation policy.

Illegal immigrant parents and children were usually only separated when the parents took the risk of transporting the children across the desert to cross the border illegally. Additionally, some illegals brought children who were not their own, so it was important to try to combat illegal and dangerous child trafficking.

And, although the administration might have preferred to keep families together throughout the process as they are now pushing to do, legal precedent seemed to make it difficult to keep children in detention centers with their parents.

Also not mentioned is that, even during the Obama administration, the overwhelming majority of asylum cases by Central Americans who cross the border illegally were rejected, so there is substantial precedent for rejecting most illegal border crossers and deporting them.