MSNBC Discovers Many Hispanics Don't Side With Illegals Bringing Children

September 7th, 2018 12:56 PM

As the dominant liberal media are notorious for conflating legal and illegal immigrants in their coverage of illegals trying to cheat the system, on Friday's Morning Joe, liberal MSNBC correspondent Jacob Soboroff made a rare admission that many Hispanics and legal immigrants do not side with illegal immigrants who sneak across the border with their children as he recalled a recent trip to Florida and discussions with local immigrants in Congressman Carlos Curbelo's district.



Near the end of the show, as he introduced the pre-recorded piece, Soboroff recalled earlier discussions on the show about what might impact the decisions of midterm election voters, as he noted, "the idea in Florida that all Hispanics are going to go with Democrats because the separation is just a foolish thing to think about," and then he added: "I didn't hear the outrage that the separations have evoked elsewhere across the country."

He then showed footage of himself in Curbelo's district in which he spoke with several Hispanic locals who had immigrated from other countries, with Ricardo Roque asserting: "I'm a believer that we should allow a lot of immigrants to come in, but do it the right way, legally, like I have to do it."

Soboroff was seen responding: "Just because it's a district full of immigrants doesn't mean you're going to hate that policy."

Roque responded: "No, exactly, it's not that I like it because you separate a family and it's got to hurt if you're a family man like me, but, as a parent, I would have never put my kids in that position."

The night before, as Soboroff appeared on All In, host Chris Hayes displayed the latest example of journalists conflating legal asylum seekers with illegals who apply for asylum after being caught as he gave the impression that sneaking across the border is not illegal if one is applying for asylum. Here's Hayes:

The Trump administration is doing everything in its power to make it harder to get asylum status and to accept fewer and fewer refugees. These are not people who are crossing illegally. This is legal under domestic and international law to come and ask for asylum or to come from abroad and apply for refugees status, and both of those are being ratcheted way down by this administration, right?


Moments earlier, Soboroff had declared that the Trump administration intended on "terrorizing" illegal immigrant families by separating them to get Congress to pass a law doing away with the Flores settlement. Here again was Soboroff:

The whole reason the Trump administration put in this family separation policy was essentially to terrorize these folks. It was a stated deterrence in order to get Congress to act to basically get rid of this Flores policy so they could indefinitely detain all these children.

He then showed a clip of one of the deported illegal immigrants who signed away his right to take his child with him whom Soboroff suggested was an example of an immigrant who misunderstood what they were signing when they agreed to leave their children behind so the children could continue to pursue asylum claims. But, oddly enough, the exchange that was shown made it sound like the father deliberately chose to leave his child behind if that meant his child might still have a chance at asylum rather than be deported with him.