Ex-MSNBC's Toure: U.S. 'Is a White Supremacist Country'

August 19th, 2018 6:04 PM

Appearing as a guest on Saturday's AM Joy, former MSNBC host Toure Neblett claimed that the United States "is a white supremacist country" as he discussed whether President Donald Trump is a racist with fill-in host Al Sharpton and Virginia Republican Senate nominee Corey Stewart. Neblett also hyperbolically declared that President Donald Trump "stands on black people's necks."



At 11:04 a.m. Eastern, as the group discussed former White House advisor Omarosa's recent accusations against the President, Toure responded: "We don't need to hear him say the N word to know he's racist. He has one of the longest resumes of racist behavior and rhetoric of anyone in this entire country."

He then added:

This is the king of birtherism. This is the man who's attacking the NFL constantly. This is a man that stands on black people's necks so that he can appear taller to white people. White nationalism and white entitlement were at the basis for his campaign. We don't need anymore evidence -- the jury is in.

A bit later, as he reacted to Stewart downplaying the issue of racism as a societal problem, Toure declared:

In Corey's presentation, part of what I hear is part of why black people are not dealing with the GOP at this point. He is talking about that we are obsessed with race, right? And he has this color blind approach that everybody will rise. And that's not the case, right?

We know that this is a white supremacist country, and we have to deal with that every day in how we relate to the police, in how we relate to jobs, in how we relate to the criminal justice system and everything.