CNN Hints That Half of Trump Voters Regret Support for 'Monster'

August 7th, 2018 10:50 AM

On Tuesday's New Day show, CNN co-host Alisyn Camerota showed a pre-recorded discussion in which she spoke with a group of six Donald Trump voters about how they feel about their votes now.

And, even though President Trump's approval rating is pretty close to the 46 percent of Americans who voted for him, CNN managed to assemble a group of Trump voters in which exactly half regret their votes, with one calling the President a "monster," and another calling herself an "idiot" for voting for him.



At 8:33 a.m. Eastern, Camerota was seen beginning the discussion by asking, "How many of you are still just as excited today as you were on election day about President Trump?" leading three to raise their hands.

The CNN host then followed up, "And how many of you -- the rest -- would you say that you regret your votes -- raise your hands?" Two raised their hands, although a third nodded and later joined in on bashing President Trump.

Camerota also again promoted the recurring CNN myth that legal asylum seekers who go to ports of entry are separated from their children just like illegal immigrants who sneak across the border as one of the Trump critics complained about the treatment of illegal immigrants at the border.

Jeremy Montanez called Trump a "monster" and a "bigot" and complained about seeing children in cages after illegal immigrant families were separated, and no one pointed out that detained immigrants were similarly put in cages during the Obama administration.

After one of the more conservative panel members argued that the parents who were being separated from their children had been breaking the law, Camerota countered, "But you can do it -- it is legal here to go to a port of entry. It was Trump that started the zero tolerance, so you used to be able to stay together -- you couldn't under the zero tolerance."

Camerota did not clarify or make a distinction that asylum seekers who follow the proper legal process and go to a port of entry are typically not put through the same separation process.

A bit later, another voter called herself and other Trump voters "idiots" for voting for the President.