FNC Interviews Waitress Who Used Gun to Fend off Attacker

In the aftermath of a waitress in Milwaukee using a gun to fend off an angry customer who punched her manager -- all of which was caught on surveillance video -- FNC actually devoted a segment to the dramatic story while it was being ignored by all of the more liberal networks.

On Thursday morning, Fox and Friends devoted a five-minute segment to interviewing the waitress and her boss who were seen on video being attacked.

At 6:25 a.m. Eastern, co-host Steve Doocy introduced the pair by recalling the incident:

Have you seen this video? Look at this. An enraged customer at George Webb restaurant in Milwaukee punched an employee and lunged to continue his attack until a pistol-packing coworker with a concealed carry permit scared him off.

Doocy noted that the man responsible was still on the run from police, and manager Veronica Kaehler was then allowed to explain that the customer had become angry about wanting a refund, and punched her when she ordered him to leave the kitchen area where he was not allowed.

Her coworker, Miranda Schaeffer, then drew her weapon, and he backed up and left as the surveillance video shows.

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt followed up:

Miranda, you have a license to carry -- concealed carry license. You were able to have your gun. I know you talked to your boss about having that gun. It was 1:00 in the morning, right? I mean, you have to protect yourself. What was going through your mind?

The only sign of other coverage that the story got was on Monday morning when Fox and Friends First gave it just over a minute.

By contrast, earlier this week, ABC and NBC both found time to highlight video of a police officer in El Paso, Texas, who drew a gun while confronting a group of children as he was trying to arrest a teenager, and several CNN shows have displayed video of a racist white man verbally harassing a Latin American woman at a park in Chicago.

But video which illustrates how important it is for law-abiding citizens to be allowed to carry guns was not the kind of dramatic video that these networks were interested in giving attention to which would help balance out the many times the media focus on criminals using guns to commit crimes but not honest people fighting off criminals.

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