Joy Reid Claims Media Were 'Enchanted' with Palin & Bush; Found Obama 'Too Erudite'

July 8th, 2018 4:36 PM

On Sunday's AM Joy, MSNBC host Joy Reid showed signs of being so far inside the liberal bubble that it's like she spent the last 20 years in an an alternative universe as she actually suggested that the dominant media were "enchanted" with George W. Bush and Sarah Palin because they spoke in a way that was not "erudite," but that Barack Obama was "disparaged" as "almost too erudite and too articulate." Reid seemed to forget the ridicule Bush and Palin were known for receiving from the press.

Near the end of the show, during a segment that was critical of President Donald Trump's public speaking skills, Reid recalled that many Republican voters have shown admiration for candidates who do not speak in a way that does not sound intellectual, but then she oddly claimed that "even the media" had shown a similar positive reaction toward Republicans. Reid:

There is a thing in Republican party politics where not being erudite as a speaker is seen as a virtue. It was with George W. Bush, the idea that he's plain-spoken. And so, when he would mangle the language -- even the media would read that as authentic and great, right?

She added: "He would make up words, and people would say, 'Great, that's great. It's his lexicon.'"

The MSNBC host then brought up Palin as she continued: "And Sarah Palin, the same sort of thing where even the media was enchanted with the way she spoke."

Reid then complained that "you would see people disparage President Obama as being almost too erudite and too articulate."

Guest and language expert John McWhorter suggested that people with an IQ over 80 should have had a problem with Palin's speaking style instead of admiring it.