Michael Eric Dyson: Trump 'Dehumanizing' Illegals at Border, 'More Atrocious' Than Slavery

June 30th, 2018 8:21 PM

On Saturday afternoon, during live coverage of liberal demonstrators protesting the enforcement of immigration laws, CNN weekend host Fredricka Whitfield gave liberal New York Times contributor Michael Eric Dyson and former NAACP president Cornell Brooks a forum to hyperbolically claim the Trump administration is "dehumanizing" illegal immigrants.

At one point, Dyson even suggested that the detention of immigrants who crossed the border illegally was not only similar to slavery and Japanese internment, but even "more atrocious."



Host Whitfield set up the segment at 2:43 p.m. Eastern by introducing the word "dehumanization" into the discussion: "America has seen this before -- whether it's the dehumanization of people or the power of protest."

Dyson called the White House a "cabal of tyrants" and, referring to liberal protesters defending illegal immigrants, asserted:

People are identifying with people because they understand we could be next. There is no one who is safe or protected from the bigotry and from the resistance to humanity that this President has evinced, and that people in his administration.

The race-obsessed former MSNBC analyst suggested that the enforcement of border laws was worse than slavery as he added:

We've seen this before in terms of the separation of enslaved human beings from their children, in internment camps. We've seen this when immigration came in this country, so this is something that is a replay of a horrible movie, It was terrible the first time. The replay is even more atrocious.

Rather than offer any pushback to Dyson's over-the-top hyperbole, Whitfield brought up the liberal protest movements that have occurred during the Trump administration, lauding the Women's March as "incredibly impressive," and called this weekend's protesters an "incredible tapestry of people."

When Brooks had his turn, he accused the Trump administration of "kidnapping" as he asserted: "We have the government -- our government -- engaged in a practice of immigration deterrence by administrative kidnapping."

Whitfield complained that Trump "didn't even have a plan in place with which to reunify," and then turned to Dyson who trashed conservatives: "It's these right-wing Republicans who have been vicious in their denial of the humanity of these people." Dyson soon added: "What we cannot tolerate in this country is the dehumanizing of the other."

Brooks accused the U.S. government of committing an "atrocity" as he summed up:

So we have malevolence and incompetence -- bad intent and bad execution coming together. And so anyone who's not outraged by this has to be blinded by some partisan commitment to this White House because the fact of the matter is there's no way to explain this morally or historically as anything other than an atrocity.

Not suprisingly, there was no mention that the Obama adminstration handled illegal immigrants similarly, as has been covered by both Fox News Channel and MSNBC.