CNN Gives Hogg & Kasky Forum to Bash NRA, Pro-Gun Candidates

May 6th, 2018 12:03 AM

After President Donald Trump spoke to the National Rifle Association convention on Friday, CNN has not surprisingly reacted by bringing on liberal gun control activists and given them a mostly unchallenged forum to promote their agenda and bash gun rights supporters. On Friday night, Anderson Cooper spoke with Parkland student activists David Hogg and Cameron Kasky, and, the next morning, host Christi Paul spoke with Kasky on New Day Saturday.



On Friday night's Anderson Cooper 360, Cooper gave no pushback as Hogg asserted that those who are allied with the NRA "don't stand with the kids," but instead, "you stand with the gun manufacturers and the people that are trying to make money off the fear and tragedy."

On Saturday morning, Kasky ghoulishly derided the NRA convention as a "dog and pony show," and Paul soon cued him up to suggest "hypocrisy" because attendees were not allowed to bring guns to the event. The CNN host posed: "You called the NRA a hilarious parody of itself. Explain to us what you meant by that."

The liberal activist responded with some uncorrected falsehoods that went uncorrected (just as Brian Stelter would want Paul to do):

I was looking at the fact that the Secret Service issued something saying that there were no firearms to be allowed at Vice President Pence's speech at the NRA -- which is funny because you'd think that, if someone supported the NRA, they'd want as many good guys with guns in the room as possible, right? The hypocrisy is so blatant here, and they're just embracing it at this point.

Instead of pointing out that, since the Secret Service provided plenty of armed security to guard against trouble, there was no need for attendees to also bring weapons for self-protection, Paul merely followed up: "You made the point that the majority of people who are possible members of the NRA don't feel the same way that the die-hards do perhaps who go to these meetings." Somewhere, Brian Stelter and Jake Tapper would be defending Kasky's ability to spread lies without correction. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, though, that's another story!



A bit later, she played a clip of President Trump pointing out that terrorists have managed to use vehicles as weapons of mass attack, with the CNN host then fretting: "He was being facetious -- 'Let's ban cars and trucks' because they are the weapon of choice for terrorists. What do you make of him making light -- it seems like he was making light of the situation there?"

Kasky dismissed the President's comment as "an argument that I very often see from 12-year-olds," and then added: "Trucks are made to transport things -- trucks are made to bring one thing from point A to point B and so on. Guns are made for one very specific thing, and that is to put bullets in people like what happened at my school."

The liberal activist further complained: "That's just the childish garbage you normally get from that guy while he's trying to get a laugh from a bunch of people at the NRA convention who are celebrating the weapons that killed by classmates."

No one injected the argument that one of the major purposes of guns is to fight against bad guys who may be stronger than the average person if not armed themselves, and that, like many products, there are both good uses and bad uses. If the good uses outweigh the bad, then there's an argument in favor of the product being legal.

Banning guns would prevent good citizens from having them to defend themselves, and it would do little to prevent professional criminals from acquiring guns and arming themselves in spite of the law.