Corker Zings CNN's Camerota: Which Democrat Will You Support for Prez?

April 19th, 2018 12:11 PM

On Thursday's New Day, as Alisyn Camerota pressed Senator Bob Corker about whether he will support President Donald Trump if he runs for reelection, the Tennessee Republican got in a jab at the CNN host as he alluded to her liberal bias and asked her if she had decided which Democrat she will be supporting for President.



After spending the first part of the interview discussing foreign policy issues, Camerota then brought up reports that Republican members of Congress have been hesitant to state whether they will endorse Trump in 2020.

Corker resisted divulging a preference for whom the Republican nominee should be as he commented that he is not sure whether the President will run for reelection. After the CNN host recalled that Trump has stated that he would run for a second term, the Tennessee Republican joked: "Well, now, surely CNN is not taking for face value everything that comes out of the White House, all of a sudden."

Senator Corker argued that it is "way to early to weigh in on who one might support," leading Camerota to note that the President has raised four million dollars for a reelection campaign.

After Camerota finally more directly posed, "Here's what I'm getting at: If he is the nominee, will you support him?" Corker zinged the liberal journalist as he responded: "I want to know who else is in the field. Do you know who you're going to support on the Democratic side?"

Rather than try to deny being biased in a liberal direction, Camerota smiled and asked: "What makes you think that I will support someone on the Democratic side, Senator?"

Laughing, Corker replied, "I don't know."

Earlier in the show, CNN host Chris Cuomo had similarly tried to get Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson to take a position on whether he would endorse Trump for 2020.