Ed Schultz Lets Anti-Israel Guest Call for Military Action Against 'Racist' Israel

February 17th, 2018 11:02 PM

For anyone wondering how former MSNBC host Ed Schultz has been occupying his time since the far-left host was booted from MSNBC a couple of years ago, the answer to that question would seem to be that he's going even further off the rails if his current show from this past week is an indication.

Schultz -- who currently hosts the Russia Today network's The News with Ed Schultz -- actually gave an unchallenged forum to an anti-Israel activist -- Miko Peled -- who not only called the Israeli government a "racist" regime that is engaging "genocide" against Arabs, but the guest even called for the U.S. to take military action against the Jewish state by sending the Sixth Fleet to the Gaza Strip and forcing Israel to end its blockade.

Schultz set up the segment by running a report from correspondent Anya Parampil in which she highlighted claims by Palestinian Arabs that a number of Gaza residents have died of cancer because Israel refuses to allow them to cross into Israel for treatment in Jerusalem. No mention was made of why the blockade exists in the first place -- to constrict the activities of the terrorist group Hamas -- or the fact that Egypt, which also shares a border with the Gaza Strip, takes part in the blockade as well.

The RT host introduced the report by recounting that "Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip continues to have dire consequences for Palestinians living in the region," before adding that "Residents there live in constant fear of the Israeli army."

In a pre-recorded piece, Parampil spent nearly three minutes of recalling complaints by Palestinian Arabs about shortages of water and medical supplies, and claims that several dozen residents have died of cancer because Israel would not allow them to cross the border to be treated. After noting that she as a journalist was allowed to get a permit to travel between Israel and Gaza, she concluded: "But for too many Palestinians -- even those diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses -- there is no such magic pass, only a death sentence handed down by an ever-present occupation."

Not mentioned is that, according to the Israeli Defense Forces, some medical technology is restricted from importation because it can be used by Hamas for military purposes.

Schultz then brought aboard Peled as a guest, who began by reacting to Parampil's report by complaining that Israel has made Gaza into a "concentration camp." Offering no pushback, Schultz followed up: "Why would the Jewish people do this?"

After commenting that it is "only some Jewish people," Peled aimed vitriol at the Israeli government: "It's a regime that is racist -- it's a regime that is brutal -- it's a regime that was the state of Israel -- a state that was built after a massive campaign of ethnic cleansing. It's been engaged in what I believe is a genocide."

Schultz soon fretted that the "mainstream media" have not given more attention to complaints against Israel by Palestinian Arabs as he followed up: "This message -- that story that just played by Anya Parampil and how you have described this -- we don't hear in the mainstream media in America. Why not?"

After complaining that "Israel has an incredibly strong lobby" in the U.S. and Europe, Peled called for U.S. military action against Israel as he added: "They should have the Sixth Fleet there forcing the end of the siege of Gaza, forcing Israel to allow medical care, forcing Israel to allow for these children to get clean water and proper nutrition."