MSNBC's Witt Praises GOPer for Not Opposing Howard Dean's Hyperbole

February 4th, 2018 2:49 PM

Sunday afternoon's MSNBC Live displayed the latest example of how the job of a Republican commentator on MSNBC is to avoid disagreeing too much with the liberal news network's more far-left analysts. Weekend host Alex Witt praised frequent guest Susan Del Percio after the Republican strategist declined to voice disagreement with fellow guest Howard Dean's attack on President Donald Trump's fitness for office.

Shortly before 1:00 p.m. ET, after Del Percio had already voiced agreement with Dean over Republicans trying to undermine the FBI's investigation of the Trump campaign, host Witt brought up a tweet by MSNBC contributor Howard Dean in which the former DNC chairman called the President a "clear and present danger" to the U.S. who "needs to be removed from office."

Dean reiterated that he believes Trump is "a danger to the United States of America," adding that the President "is in bed with our enemy, the Russians." He then accused President Trump of "enabling" Russia's attempts to interfere in Eastern European elections, and accused him of "aiding and abetting the enemies of the United States."

Witt then turned to her other guest and asked: "Susan, do you think your friend Howard is going a little far?"

At first, it looked like Dean's analysis was so over the top that even an MSNBC-style Republican would dissent as Del Percio laughed and began her response: "I think --  I mean, I think that's his opinion, and he's entitled to it." She then added: "I don't think there's anything that's legal that will lead to that happening that we've seen happen as of yet."

As Dean injected, "I agree," Del Percio continued: "Okay, so we're sort of on the same page."

Dean and Del Percio -- who appear together regularly on MSNBC on weekends -- smiled and seemed amused at their agreement as Witt concluded the segment: "Which is why I like having you guys on. It's always very civilized."

It also provides one more example of the MSNBC liberal echo chamber phenomenon.