CNN's Acosta & Toobin See 'Settled Science' in Global Warming

July 14th, 2017 3:25 PM

On Thursday's The Situation Room on CNN, during a discussion of President Donald Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Accord, CNN's Jim Acosta and Jeffrey Toobin both pushed the notion that the liberal view of global theory is "settled science."

At 5:46 p.m. ET, CNN political analyst Mark Preston theorized that Trump might revisit the issue now that he has kept his promise to the Republican base to pull out of the agreement. Referring to CNN reporter Kaitlin Collins, Preston declared:

You know, let's just go back to climate change, though, because I think Kaitlin's right about this, is that Trump needed to do it because he told his base that. However, I do think you could come back, and someone who's very close to him said that to me today. He said, "You know what, now he's free to do what he wants because he held his promise."

Toobin then jumped in to fret about the way global warming is discussed:

You know, do we always talk about climate in terms of the politics of it? The climate is actually a science issue. And the science -- the climate is going to continue warming regardless of what his base wants or, you know, it's actually science and not politics.

Referring to theories that President Trump might not really have a friend named JIm whom he sometimes refers to, Acosta commented about global warming: "It is settled science unlike, you know, the identity of Jim, at this point."

After Toobin went along with the joke about Jim by injecting, "Which is not settled," Acosta added: "We're still on the case with that one."