CNN's Cuomo & Toobin Fret Over 'Very Conservative' Neil Gorsuch

June 28th, 2017 7:56 AM

On Tuesday's New Day on CNN, as host Chris Cuomo and legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin discussed recent and upcoming Supreme Court cases Toobin ended up noting that Justice Neil Gorsuch has had a "very conservative" voting record -- always voting with Justice Clarence Thomas.

Cuomo then seemed to suggest that Democrats may have had a point when they warned that Gorsuch might seem "genial," but that his personality might be inconsistent with how he would be as a justice.

At 6:59 a.m. ET, Toobin set up the exchange by observing: "Gorsuch is proving to be Clarence Thomas-like in his conservatism -- very conservative across the board. He's voted in 15 cases. The only justice he's voted with in all 15 cases is Clarence Thomas."

As if being "very conservative" were not "genial," Cuomo recalled: "The Democrats said, 'He may seem genial on the outside, but what will he be when he gets inside the room?' We're seeing that now."

Toobin agreed: "Indeed."