MSNBC's Walsh: 'Heartless, Soulless' Paul Ryan 'Devoted' His 'Life to Hurting People'

On Sunday's AM Joy on MSNBC, just days after dehumanizing House Speaker Paul Ryan as a "monster," MSNBC political analyst  and The Nation correspondent Joan Walsh was spewing more venom at the Wisconsin Republican as she described him as a "heartless, soulless Washington creature." She then went on to claim that he was someone who had "devoted their life to hurting people."

At 11:07 a.m. ET, after host Joy Reid had hosted a Wisconsin Democratic guest who is planning to run against Speaker Ryan in his congressional district next year, Walsh appeared in the next segment and began by giving advice on how the Democrat should run:

I would -- if I were him, I would tie this health bill which -- whatever health bill -- whatever happens to it -- hopefully it gets defeated -- but I would tie it to Paul Ryan. I would bring up the fact that he joked that -- joked, supposedly joked -- that he was dreaming of slashing Medicaid over keggers in college.

She then became more incendiary as she added:

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I would just bring out what a heartless, soulless Washington creature he's become. I don't think the district knows. You've made some good points about "it's nice to have somebody in leadership," but if you have somebody in leadership who's devoted their life to hurting people in the district, let's think twice about that.

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