MSNBC's Ron Reagan: 'True Americans' Will Support Removing 'National Security Threat' Trump

Appearing as a guest on Monday's Hardball, liberal MSNBC political analyst Ron Reagan claimed that "patriots" and "true Americans" will support impeaching President Donald Trump, whom he called a "national security threat" and a "dangerous individual." 

The liberal analyst went on to assert that those who do not do so are "engaged in behavior that can only be described as 'treasonable.'"

After recalling that he had only just recently returned to the U.S. and got caught up on the news, he recounted that he had noticed a "change in the coverage," and then added:

I think people are finally starting to come to grips -- as we must come to grips -- with the notion that we have a dangerous individual in the Oval Office who is a national security threat, and he needs to be removed from office. That's easy to say, but he needs -- he's unfit, and he needs to be removed.

A bit later, after host Chris Matthews wondered why the "moderate right" have not been more vocal in going after President Trump, Reagan claimed that everyone will either be remembered as a "patriot" and a "true American," or as a "partisan" as he responded:

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Listen, Chris, when the history books are written about this period -- and they will be -- there are only going to be two sides. There are going to be patriots, and there are going to be partisans. There are going to be true Americans, and there are going to be those engaged in behavior -- and I would throw Donald Trump into this category -- engaged in behavior that can only be described as "treasonable." It's not treason technically in the legal sense, but it is treasonable. 

He then added:

They are taking Russia's side over the United States of America. Russia attacked us. What was Trump doing meeting those people in the Oval Office and bragging about anything to them? You know, the pictures were absurd. He looked like some kid who just -- was a new kid in school and sucking up to the, you know, the cool kids.

Impressed with the liberal analysis, Matthews concluded the segment by gushing: "Ron, we don't have enough of you, sir. Thank you. Please come on again and quickly. Ron Reagan."

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