CNN's Begala: 'My Dog Would Be a Better President Than Trump'

On Tuesday's New Day on CNN, during a discussion of President Donald Trump ending his interview with John Dickerson when the CBS host started pressing him about his claims that President Barack Obama had ordered wiretapping against him, liberal CNN political commentator Paul Begala lambasted Trump as someone who makes a worse President than a dog would make.

And, as if the comment on its own were not tasteless enough, the remark came right after he had just declared that fellow guest and right-leaning CNN commentator Kayleigh McEnany herself would make a better President than Trump. Begala: "Kayleigh would be a much better President than Trump. My dog Gus would be a better President than Trump."

At 8:34 a.m. ET, host Alisyn Camerota brought up the CBS interview with Trump, and McEnany conceded that the President should clarify his accusations President Obama and possibly apologize if he was wrong. Begala then went after Trump as he began:

President Trump's head of the FBI -- no friend of the Democrats -- Jim Comey, has said President Obama did not wiretap anybody -- certainly not candidate Trump. President Trump's own head of the National Security Agency -- Admiral Michael Rogers -- said the same thing in congressional testimony. Because it's a lie.

He then continued:

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And I twist myself -- and I guess we all do -- into a pretzel. What's the method behind the mendacity? What's the purpose of the prevarication? Why does this guy lie all the time?! And I just think it's his nature. I think he can't help it. I don't forgive it -- I don't excuse it. Kayleigh is right.

The dog comparison came as the liberal commentator added:

Kayleigh would be a much better President than Trump. My dog Gus would be a better President than Trump, but -- Gus would be a fine President. He's loyal and loving.

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