Whoopi Blasts Trump Over National Anthem, But Obama Made Same Mistake

On Monday's The View on ABC, co-host Whoopi Goldberg made a point of chastising President Donald Trump -- whom she always refers to as "the new guy" or "you know who" -- because he recently forgot to put his hand over his heart until wife Melania reminded him as the national anthem was being sung. 

As she suggested that "any adult" who hears the anthem should reflexively remember the proper etiquette, she seemed oblivious to the fact that, in 2007, then-presidential candidate Barack Obama made the same mistake as he infamously forgot to hold his hand over his heart at an event in Iowa while the anthem was being sung.

Whoopi and co-host Joy Behar also reminded viewers of Whoopi's policy of refusing to speak President Trump's name as she insisted, "I'm not saying it," opting to call him "the new guy" instead.

During the show's second segment of "Hot Topics," Goldberg introduced video of the First Lady touching President Trump's hand to get him in the proper pose as the song began. As the group then veered off onto discussing reports of organization mistakes in putting together the annual Easter Egg Hunt, Whoopi praised Melania for reminding her husband and suggested that everyone is supposed to obviously remember the proper pose. Goldberg:

But I am glad that she knew enough to poke his ass and tell him to put his hand over his heart! I don't know any adult that hear the national anthem -- and even if you're trying to figure out which side, I mean, come on.

Behar piled on: "You know, here's the truth of it. It takes an immigrant to remember to do that."

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But in September 2007, video emerged of then-Senator Obama on stage with several other Democratic presidential candidates who all remembered to hold their hands over their hearts while Obama stood with his hands clasped in front of him. So the co-hosts of The View either seemed to have amnesia or were simply in the liberal bubble at the time and never even heard of the incident.

Earlier in the show, viewers were reminded of Whoopi's refusal to say the word "Trump" as she recalled the President's decision to bomb Syria: "Everybody is all happy about the fact that we bombed over there, so -- and this new guy says, 'Oh, yeah, I've changed my mind on this.'"

After Behar injected, "Trump?" Goldberg added: "Yeah, you say his name. I'm not saying it."

After Behar responded, "I know," Golberg added: "And the new guy says, you know, 'I changed my mind on how I feel about this.'"

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