MSNBC Panel: Some on Right Find FNC 'Too Lazy to Join' KKK, 'Trump' Like 'Swastika'

October 23rd, 2016 3:02 PM

On Sunday's AM Joy on MSNBC, during a discussion of the possibility that, if he loses the presidential election, Donald Trump might start a right-wing news network, host Joy Reid suggested that such a network could exist for some on the right who think "Fox News doesn't hate Muslims enough."

Liberal comedian and Daily Beast columnist Dean Obeidallah then cracked that some believe Fox News is "too lazy to join the Klan," and, after recalling incidents of the word "Trump" being used to vandalize mosques, went on to declare that "the name 'Trump' is becoming a modern day version of the Swastika."

At about 10:22 a.m. ET, Reid turned to Obeidallah and posed:

I actually think -- and you probably know better than I do -- there are people who say Fox News doesn't hate Muslims enough, isn't angry enough about immigration, that Megyn Kelly is too tough on Trump surrogates. There is an audience that's further to the right because it's on right now.

The liberal comedian began:

Finally a network for people who find Fox News too intellectual, and too warm and fuzzy, and too lazy to join the Klan. So you can sit home and watch this stuff. But, you know what, and I -- a great morning show of Mel Gibson and Paula Dean together in the morning for the base. Here's the reality. We've watched Fox -- we've watched Trump TV, a preview the last about 15, 16 months. It's horrifying. It is bone-chilling.

He continued:

We've seen a spike emboldening hate -- of anti-Semitism, of white nationalists. Anti-Muslim hate crimes have spiked in the last few weeks by self-professed Trump supporters. I'm not guessing they're Trump supporters. Last weekend alone, two mosques defaced with the word "Trump." To his supporters, the name "Trump" is becoming a modern day version of the Swastika. So I fear that this is an IV drip of hate.

Obeidallah added:

They're going to watch, and they're going to hate Latinos, Muslims, blacks -- anyone not like them -- more. They have every right to do. I hope it fails. The only bright side is, if it's viewed as a competitor to Fox News and CNN, MS, maybe you won't have Trump on anymore. And that's the best for all of us.